Optical Ruler Series

If you've stopped by Fresnel Technologies Inc's booth at a trade show, you've likely collected or seen one of our optical ruler giveaways. Each ruler features optics that showcase Fresnel Technologies’ design and manufacturing expertise. The optical elements of each individual ruler go far beyond just fresnel lenses— just like our company's capabilities!

Our optical ruler series includes four current versions. The sleeve color is specific to the Ruler version, as indicated in the picture below. Check out the optical elements and details of each Ruler. Collect them all and think FTI for all your innovative polymer optics!

RESIZE-Fresnel-Fanned Rulers

Explore our optical ruler collection.

RESIZE-V1 White Fresnel Ruler

Ruler V1 

Featured Optics

  • Cylindrical Fresnel lens
  • Hexagonal microlens array
  • Constant groove depth Fresnel
  • Aspheric lens, 36mm FL 18mm diameter

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RESIZE-V2 Blue Fresnel Ruler

Ruler V2

featured Optics

  • Bi-Directional Variable Pitch Prism Array
  • Spiral Microlens Array
  • Zernike
  • Spherical Vs. Aspherical

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RESIZE-V3 Red Fresnel Ruler

Ruler V3 

featured Optics

  • Grating 532nm-Prism Array-Grating 650nm
  • Crossed-Cylindrical Lens
  • f/1 Cylindrical Fresnel Lens
  • f/1 (Round) Fresnel Lens

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RESIZE-V4 Green Fresnel Ruler
Fresnel Technologies-Ruler Sleeve V4-01

Ruler V4

featured Optics

  • Sinusoidal Lenticular Array
  • Anamorphic Fresnel Lens
  • Gaussian Diffuser, DIFF_RND_0.2_R
  • Spiral Microlens Array

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Collect Them All

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