Utilizing Lens Arrays for Optical Diffusers

Optical diffusers are used for a variety of applications to evenly distribute light. Some common uses of optical diffusers include: Hiding a light source or eliminating the image of its filament, broadening the angular range over which a signal transmitted through the air is detectable, making the appearance of a viewing screen more uniform, and spreading the light from a source into a defined angle.

Fresnel Technologies Inc produces several types of diffusers:

  • Regularly spaced lens arrays
  • Randomly spaced lens arrays
  • Etched, "matte" surfaces

Optical Diffusers by Fresnel

Each diffuser type has its particular advantages and limitations. We also offer unique diffusers for specialized applications, which are not listed in our catalog. If you need assistance in selecting a diffuser for your application, please contact our experts.

Regularly spaced lens arrays:

  • Near ideal transmission efficiency
  • Narrow angular distribution
  • Can produce strong moiré patterns
  • Normally supplied with convex lenslets but also available with concave lenslets

Randomly spaced lens arrays:

  • Gaussian output distribution
  • No moiré pattern
  • Fixed lenslet focal length; random spacing, aperture, and shape
  • Limited maximum output angle due to limitation in the small size of the mean lenslet spacing compared to the lenslet diameter necessary to achieve complete coverage

Etched, "matte" surfaces:

  • No lenslets
  • No moiré pattern
  • Very large scattering angles
  • High transmission losses

Learn more about our diffuser capabilities:

Optical Diffusers Spec Sheet

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