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Custom and Standard Polymer Optics for Lightweight, Compact Systems

Since 1986, Fresnel Technologies has provided diamond turning and injection molding, CNC machining, tooling, and metrology for polymer optics in IR, NIR, and visible wavelengths. FTI has the expertise to produce molded optics with submicron features at high volume.

FTI President Dr. Nelson Claytor was a featured speaker on Manufacturing
Methods at the 2024 Optica Freeform Optics Industry Summit. 

FTI is a US-based manufacturer of polymer optics. We can help to reduce the weight and size of systems, supporting programs from optical design to prototype, with an extensive catalog of in-stock polymer optics to custom optics from mid- to high-volume.

Medical Device

Freeform arrays
Fresnel lenses
Illumination & collecting optics
Polymer aspheres
Silicone optics


Diffractive optical elements
Diamond machined mirrors
Fresnel lenses for illumination
Atoroidal mirrors
Ellipsoid mirrors

Motion Detection & Lighting Control

UAV & Surveillance

IR polymer optics
Night vision eyepieces
Angle sensors


Diffractive optics
Fresnel lenses

Fresnel Technologies

Fresnel Technologies, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of molded plastic Fresnel lenses, molded polymer optics in general, and infrared-transmitting optical materials. We offer design assistance, diamond machining, prototyping, tooling, and production. Stock or custom, we’re your optics partner.

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