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Fresnel Lenses

Gone are the days of designing and machining glass Fresnel lenses. Through innovations in compression injection molding techniques and computer-controlled machining, today’s optical-quality polymer lenses outperform even the finest of traditional glass Fresnel lenses.


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High-Quality Polymer Lenses

Today's modern computer-controlled machining methods can be used to cut the surface of each cone precisely to bring all paraxial rays into focus at exactly the same point, avoiding spherical aberration. Better still, newer optical manufacturing methods can be used to cut each refracting surface in the correct aspheric contour (rather than as a conical approximation to this contour), thus avoiding even the width of the groove (typically 0.1 to 1 mm) as a limit to the sharpness of the focus. Even though each groove or facet brings light precisely to a focus, the breaking up the wavefront by the discontinuous surface of a Fresnel lens degrades the visible image quality. Except in certain situations, Fresnel lenses are usually not recommended for imaging applications in the visible light region of the spectrum.

Fresnel Technologies makes a variety of stock Fresnel and related optical components to meet your needs. We can also design and construct custom Fresnel lenses and polymer optics  as requested. Our Fresnel items fall into a number of categories, but they are all made from polymer materials. Generally, our engineers design these components with thicknesses under 1/4" (6 mm) with a stepped surface.


Available Fresnel Components

  • Positive focal length aspheric Fresnel lenses
  • Cylindrical (actually acylindrical) Fresnel lenses
  • Negative focal length aspheric Fresnel lenses

  • Off-axis Fresnel lenses

  • Lenticular arrays

  • Arrays of prisms (Fresnel prisms)

  • Rectangular arrays of Fresnel lenses

  • Micro-lens arrays, both rectangular and hexagonal symmetries, as well as custom symmetries

What's the right optical approach for your project?

Determining the right optics for your project should be one of the first conversations you have —not the last.

Our team of optical experts can help you bring your project to life with custom or off-the-shelf designs. We’re here to help you find the right solution.

Fresnel Technologies

Fresnel Technologies, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of molded plastic Fresnel lenses, molded polymer optics in general, and infrared-transmitting optical materials. We offer design assistance, diamond machining, prototyping, tooling, and production. Stock or custom, we’re your optics partner.

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