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Freeform Optics

Polymer Freeform Arrays for Lightweight, Complex Form Factors

Freeform optics have at least one surface which has no translational or rotational symmetry. Freeform polymer optics can challenge traditional optical design and metrology, but can unlock new ways to reduce part count, weight and system footprint.

FTI has a long track record of success in molding polymer freeform optics.

FTI President Dr. Nelson Claytor was a featured speaker on Manufacturing
Methods at the 2024 Optica Freeform Optics Industry Summit. 

FTI Freeform Optics Capabilities

Freeform optics have emerged as a promising design technique to minimize size and weight of complex optical systems. The industry is still working to standardize on a definition of freeform optics, as well the methods for specifying and measuring lenses. 

Today, freeforms are manufacturable in polymers, glass, metals, and various IR materials. FTI offers proven experience in polymer, metal, and IR crystal turning and milling as well as in polymer molding and moldmaking. FTI has proven process controls and metrology methods to ensure consistent quality and performance of our molded and machined freeform optics.

  • Aluminum freeform mirrors

  • Single point diamond turning for prototyping and small volume freeform manufacturing

  • Precision polymer optics injection molding

  • Available in a range of polymer materials as well as metals and IR crystal materials

  • Profilometry, functional testing, and process controls for QA in prototyping and volume production

FTI Recent Freeform Projects

Cubic phase plate for improved depth of field in a computational imaging platform.

Laser optic array for aesthetic laser—reducing total system weight of handpiece.

Atoroid lens for correcting keystone effect in a tightly folded projection system. 

Cubic Phase web image
Aspheres vertical-1
Asteroid Lens web image

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FTI respects the proprietary nature of your project. NDA available upon request.

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Fresnel Technologies, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of molded plastic Fresnel lenses, molded polymer optics in general, and infrared-transmitting optical materials. We offer design assistance, diamond machining, prototyping, tooling, and production. Stock or custom, we’re your optics partner.

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