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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer questions about our company, how to work with us, custom products, and more general information. Don't see the answer you're looking for? 

Contact our technical staff:

General assistance:

Contact us at or call our facility at +1 (817) 926-7474.

General Information
  1. What are Fresnel Technologies' specialties?
    We're best known for Passive Infrared (PIR) lens arrays and freeform optics, but we can design and manufacture any type of polymer optics, both molded and directly machined. Our Only Limitation is the Laws of PhysicsTM 
  2. How do I request help finding the right product for my application?
    Our sales team is happy to help find the right product or put you in touch with our engineering team to work on bringing your custom optical component to fruition. Please send your inquiry to
  3. How do I request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?
    Our sales team can supply an SDS for our products. Please be sure to include the part number/s and the material/s to expedite your inquiry, which should be emailed to
  4. How do I request RoHS, REACH or Prop65 compliance info?
    Our sales team is happy to supply the RoHS, REACH or Prop65 information for our products. Please be sure to include the part number/s and the material/s and specify the type of compliance information needed to expedite your request, which should be sent to
  5. Where can I find your catalog?
    Fresnel Technologies offers several catalogs, each of which describe our extensive product lines. Most can be found by navigating through the Products List and selecting the corresponding category. Just click on the links listed to download the catalog of your choice. Catalogs are also available on the Resources page.
Custom Products
  1. What are Fresnel Technologies' tooling capabilities?
    We have a full, in-house shop used to produce tooling and molds for all optics manufactured at FTI. Our four diamond turning machines provide 2- to 4- axis capabilities for direct machining of prototypes, small volume optics, or generation of molds.
  2. What about costs for tooling maintenance and storage?
    As long as you are actively ordering product from the tooling, there is no charge for these services.
  3. Where will the tooling be produced? Is it outsourced?
    All items and custom tools are manufactured at our facility in the United States.
  4. What sizes of optics can Fresnel Technologies manufacture?
    As small as 250µm in diameter. 
    At least 700mm diameter Fresnel lenses (possibly larger, depending on design).
  5. Can Fresnel Technologies produce custom optics?
    Easily - just ask us!
  6. How do I get design help for my project?
    Please email your inquiry to our technical staff at
  7. Is there a fee for design help?
    If you purchase tooling and the resulting product from us, there is no charge for the design.
  8. How do I request a quote for a custom item?
    Please direct your inquiry to our technical staff at
  9. Can I order a custom size for a stock item?
    Of course! We offer custom cut sizes for most of our products at a small additional cost. Please send a drawing or a brief description of the size you require to our sales team at
  10. What information should I provide to request design of a custom PIR array?
    Please forward the following information to our technical staff at
    What detection pattern do you require? At what range?
    What is your preferred mounting height?
    What would you like to detect?
    Do you have any restrictions on the distance between the detector and the lens?
    Could you forward the 3D files of the unit and the lens?
    Have you chosen the detector? If so, could you forward its data sheet?
    What is your estimated annual usage for this lens?
Orders & Quotes
  1. How do I request a quote?
    Please contact our sales team to request a quote. They can be reached via email at or phone at +1 (817) 926-7474.
  2. How do I place an order?
    Our sales team will be happy to process your order. They can be reached via email at or phone at +1 (817) 926-7474.
  3. Does Fresnel Technologies have a minimum order requirement?
    Yes, the minimum order is $100.00 USD.
  4. Can Fresnel Technologies produce low and high-volume quantities?
    Yes, we have the capabilities to produce quantities from one-off prototypes to millions of parts for high-volume requirements.
  5. What payment methods can I use when ordering?
    Payment options include sending a check or money order drawn on an US bank; Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express; or a wire transfer.
  6. How do I set up credit terms with Fresnel Technologies?
    Please send your credit references (along with one bank reference) and a Dun & Bradstreet number to our sales team at
  7. Does Fresnel Technologies offer a warranty on products?
    We offer a typical 90-day commercial warranty on our goods. We will cheerfully replace defective goods or refund your purchase price as appropriate.
  1. What are the shipping terms?
    We ship freight collect Ex-Works Fort Worth, Texas, via the approved carrier of your choice. Some usual carriers are UPS, Federal Express, TNT, and DHL. We can also arrange shipment with a forwarder of your choice, freight collect.
  2. What are the general shipping charges?
    This is dependent on order size and destination and will be provided before shipment. 
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Fresnel Technologies

Fresnel Technologies, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of molded plastic Fresnel lenses, molded polymer optics in general, and infrared-transmitting optical materials. We offer design assistance, diamond machining, prototyping, tooling, and production. Stock or custom, we’re your optics partner.

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