Passive Infrared (PIR) Lens Arrays

Precision-engineered PIR lens arrays with unmatched sensitivity and accuracy.

Fresnel lens arrays for PIR applications are useful in a wide range of devices, such as automatic lighting switches, occupancy sensors, and motion sensor alarms. Fresnel lens arrays for PIR applications produce a broad, tailored field of view through the accumulation of many repeated narrow fields of view.

Standard and Custom PIR Lens Design Available

We currently offer seven series of standard, ready-to-ship PIR Fresnel lens arrays, in addition to a few assorted types. Each series contains a number of lens arrays, each of which has the same mechanical size and shape but offers a different detection pattern. 

If a custom-designed part is needed, we are happy to collaborate with you on custom PIR lens designs. If you purchase tooling and the resulting lens arrays from us, there is no charge for the design. 

Ready-to-Ship: Standard PIR Lenses & Lens Arrays

Series Focal Distance Downward Tilt Description

1.2" (30.5mm)

12° Popular for burglar alarm sensors
XX0.9GI6TX 0.9 in (22.9mm) Popular for burglar alarm sensors; used to make smaller sensors than the XX1.2GI12VX
CM1.0GIVX 1.0in (25.4mm)   Ceiling mount line; used for lighting control from offices to warehouses 
CM0.77GIVX 0.77 in (19.6mm)   Ceiling mount line; used for lighting control from offices to warehouses 
XX0.5GIVX 0.5in (12mm)   Hemispherical, extremely rugged, board-mounted
XX0.25GIVX 0.25 (6.4mm)   Mounts directly to a TO-5/TO-39 package pyroelectric detector, and is available in a version that works with surface mount pyroelectric detectors from various manufacturers
XX.9GOVX 0.9 in (22.9mm)   Used with the grooved side of the array facing outward
Various Lens Arrays     Download our brochure to learn more about our various lens arrays. 



Standard or Custom? We can help find the PIR lens that is right for your motion sensing design. 

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