Fresnel Technologies, Inc.

Precision Polymer Optics

Fresnel Technologies, Inc. (FTI), founded in 1986, is a world leader in polymer optics. Although our roots are in Fresnel lenses, we specialize in a variety of polymer optics, including continuous-surface aspheric lenses, lens arrays, diffusers, and freeform optics.

From concept to production, we do it all under one roof: optical design, tooling, custom metrology, manufacturing, and assembly. FTI can quickly fabricate individual optics for prototyping and create single-cavity molds for low-volume production, then manufacture pristine multicavity molds for high-volume orders. With our two-axis and freeform-generator diamond-turning machines, we can rapidly produce ultraprecision optical components. FTI’s scientists and skilled staff routinely mold optics ranging from 250 µm in diameter to > 750 mm long—in batches of one to millions.

Fresnel Technologies, Inc. specializes in both stock and custom materials and lenses for nearly limitless environments and applications:

  • AR/VR
  • Light diffusion, collimation, and concentration
  • Imaging
  • Automatic lighting
  • High-end security
  • Tailored illumination
  • Head Up Displays (HUD)
  • Biomedical systems
  • Laser beam shaping
  • Hydrocarbon gas monitoring near 3.4 µm
  • Illumination for machine vision

In addition to our lens design and manufacturing capabilities, FTI’s experts assist customers in optimizing their optical-grade polymer selections. We work with almost every optical polymer, including proprietary resins, and the range of our material choices spans the spectrum from ultraviolet (UV), through the visible, near-IR, and into the far-IR.

All optics from FTI are backed by validation testing. From off-the-shelf to fully custom optics projects, we are dedicated to being the best partner for your application.


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