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Ruler V4:

Sinusoidal Lenticular Array

Sinusoidal lenticular arrays provide a variety of optical effects for displays and lighting devices. In this array, the profile of each lenticule is everywhere a constant radius (not an ellipse), because the normal to the plane of the circular cross section of the lenticule is everywhere parallel to the lenticule. Because of this geometry, the width of each lenticule is everywhere the same.

Anamorphic Fresnel Lens

Major axis FL is 23mm and minor axis FL is 20mm. The groove depth is 0.381mm.

Anamorphic lenses can be used to correct or induce astigmatism. In passive IR applications, anamorphic fresnels can be used to correct for the curvature of lenslets in a non-planar array.

Gaussian Diffuser


Gaussian diffusers are designed to have a narrow distribution output around a specific diffusion angle - in this case, 0.2° full width, 1/2max - and are typically used to hide the visible characteristics of a light source.

Spiral Microlens Array

Designed to demonstrate the relationship between dispersion angle and lenslet aperture size. Lenslet aperture diameter increases radially along a logarithmic spiral from about .247mm to 2.554mm. Each lenslet center is placed at golden angle increments (~137.5 degrees) along the spiral. The lenslet radius is 1.277mm; the radius of curvature is the same for all 197 lenslets.

Use a laser pointer to show that the smaller lenslet apertures spread light less than the larger aperatures.

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