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Oscar Lechuga Named Fellow of the American Society of Precision Engineering

Fresnel Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that Oscar Lechuga, a longtime member of our technical staff, has been appointed to the ASPE College of Fellows in recognition of his contributions to diamond machining and precision molding of polymer optics.

The American Society of Precision Engineering’s College of Fellows is a small and distinguished group, which will add Oscar Lechuga and Dr. Michael Lowell Holmes to their ranks at the awards presentation this week in Boston. Fellows are nominated by current members or Fellows of the Society and have years of experience and contributions to the field of precision engineering.

Fresnel Technologies President Nelson Claytor states, “I have had the honor of working with Oscar for 35 years and know of no one more deserving of this recognition. He has helped to shape what is possible in polymer optics, and his engineering work in diamond turning and precision molding has helped to enable new technologies in many industries.”

The American Society of Precision Engineering states, “The millions of lenses produced through these techniques and by his work at Fresnel Technologies have become critical but often hidden parts of daily life.”

Lechuga is a strong advocate for education in optics and optical manufacturing techniques through presentations at the professional, university, and K-12 communities, in particular working to spark interest in STEM in Fort Worth area schools.

About the American Society for Precision Engineering

The American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE) strives to advance the arts, sciences, and technology of precision engineering – a discipline that encompasses the design, development, and manufacturing of and for high-accuracy components, instruments, and machines. ASPE provides a mechanism to disseminate ideas and best practices through our conferences, membership groups, peer-reviewed journals, and website. Learn more at



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